At Coffin Comics, we have over 20 years of experience in the mail order comic book business. We utilize the very best packaging procedures to insure that your merchandise arrives to you in "off the shelf" condition! To this end:

  • We enclose all comic books in acid-free bags and boards* to protect against the elements and reduce movement and spine roll during transit.
  • Comic books are well-protected by cardboard pads and/or bubble wrap before they're placed in their outer cartons to further prevent damage such as bends and creases while the package is transit.
  • On larger orders, we surround your items with bubble wrap and/or packing paper so that the parcel is packed tight and its contents do not shift during transit.
  • We only use outer cartons certified for 200 lb. bursting strength or better!

Outside shipping containers may show signs of damage, but their contents remain safe, in "off the shelf" condition!


  • Orders containing up to 6 prints will be shipped in a sturdy tube.
  • Orders containing up to 20 prints will be packaged in a bag/board and shipped flat in a box.

If you have an order of 6 prints or fewer and would prefer them to ship flat in a box, please put this request in your order comments while checking out and send us a message at Please note that there will be a nominal up charge on your invoice for shipping this type of order in a  box.

*Due to current supply chain issues, comics may not come packaged individually in bags and boards. Multiple comics may be bundled together in a single bag/board. We apologize for the inconvenience!